IYBA Comittees

Ensures the continued participation of the trade press in promoting IYBA benefits to the brokerage industry and the boat-buying public. Responsible for coordinating advertising programs with trade publications and assist in recommendations for updates, news features and content of the website.

Chair:Paul Burgess

Members: Crom Littlejohn, Grant Henderson, Marc Welsh, Tom Gresh, Julie Jones-Bernard, Jennifer Jolly

Editorial Committee: Grant Henderson, Crom Littlejohn, Paul Burgess, Bob Saxon, Jeff Partin

Promotes member adherence to IYBA's Code of Ethics. Assists members in settling disputes through the use of arbitration.

Chair:Jeff Partin

Members:Bob Zarchen, Rob Newton, Stanley, Bob Saxon, Grant Henderson, Carmine Galati, Paul Burgess

Internet Ethics Committee: Bob Denison, Jeff Partin, Gary Smith

Serves as a liaison with Brokerage Show producer Show Management in keeping up to date on any issues affecting Yachts Miami Beach.

Chair:Grant Henderson

Members:Andrew Doole, Bob Denison, Bob Zarchen, Rob Newton, Crom Littlejohn, George Jousma, Phil Purcell, Bob Saxon, Tim Derrico, Steve Gale, Boomer Jousma, Tracy Hess Burgess, Paul Flannery

Liaise with the Charter Professionals Committee to develop methods to promote networking amongst the yacht management and charter brokers.

Board Liason:Bob Saxon

Chairs:Daphne d'Offay and Jeff Shaffer

Members:Kaisa Pace, Marian Walker, Nicole Caulfield, Nina Martinsen, Pat Codere, Terry Hines, Holly Huffstetler

Chairs:Hein Velema,

Members:Nicolas Valin, Sophia Tutino, Vincent Huens de Brouwer

Reviews and recommends revisions and updates IYBA standardized contractual forms.

Chair:Paul Flannery

Members:Jon Burkard, Bob Allen, Jeff Partin, Robb Maass, Chris Anderson

Reviews applicants for membership based on the established association criteria and policies. Suggests ideas for recruiting new members. Follow-up on inquiries. Develops member benefit services and programs, including group discount programs for member brokers, trade-only boat show.

Chair:Bob Saxon

Members:Paul Burgess, Frank de Varona, Andy Miles, Paul Flannery, Jeff Stanley

Coordinates with the Marine Industries of South Florida in initiating lobbying efforts to that involve the yacht brokerage industry. Legislation: Ensures the continued participation of the regulatory body of the state in enforcing the Yacht & Ship Brokers Act as well as communication of information on relevant modifications to laws that affect yacht brokerage.

Chair:Staley Weidman

Members:Grant Henderson, Crom Littlejohn, Jenny Wicker, Gigi Garcia, David Maass, Bob Zarchen, Sean O'Heron

Develops education and training resources to assist member brokers in improving their skills and knowledge of industry and business issues. Coordinates and plans educational seminars such as IYBA's Annual Yacht Sales & The Law Seminar, selection of sites and development of programs and speakers. Coordinates and plans social events such as the Annual Dinner Meeting and Golf Scramble.

Chairs:Jeff Partin (East & West Coast Sales Summits), Paul Flannery (YSL & YES), Jeff Stanley (YES), Rob Newton, Staley Weidman, Jeff Partin (Golf Scramble), Carmine Galati (YSL)

Obtaining sponsors for seminars, events, Third Thursdays, etc.

Chair:Andy Miles

Members:Paul Flannery, Rob Newton, Bob Denison, Jeff Partin, Tom Gresh

Chair:Bob Denison

Members:Paul Burgess, Rob Newton, Grant Henderson, Carmine Galati, Gary Smith

Serves as a liaison with other professional associations in keeping up to date on any issues affecting the yacht brokerage industry worldwide. Will review opportunities for the association to develop or communicate programs related to the yacht brokerage industry.

MIASF Anchor Committee:Staley Weidman

MYBA:Bob Saxon

YBAA and CAC:Staley Weidman

NMMA and MIAF:Paul Flannery

MIAPB:Paul Flannery

USSA:Bob Saxon

CYBA:Rob Newton

NYBA and NWMT:Bob Denison

YPY:Grant Henderson

LYBRa:Rob Newton

ISS:Bob Saxon

Marine Advisory Board:Grant Henderson